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There’s Still A Huge Stigma Against Therapy For Asian Americans. This Needs To Change.

Studies have shown that Asian Americans are the least likely racial group in the U.S. to seek mental health services.

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I Hated Myself For Not Being White For Most Of My Life. Here’s How I Stopped.

I distanced myself from other Asians, thinking I had found the solution to all of my problems by aligning myself with white people.

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It’s Time To Defund The Police And Start Funding Social Workers

According to the numbers, social workers cause fewer deaths than cops and are less likely to exacerbate crisis situations with violence.

Thought Catalog
My Journey To Discovering A Higher Consciousness

I discovered that the concept of a higher consciousness isn’t just fantastical and hippy jargon after all. To put it simply, it is just self-awareness.

Huff Post
This Is What No One Tells You About Being Asian In America In 2021

Our world minimizes us and we minimize ourselves.

Thought Catalog
This Year, My Intention is Self-Love

Self-love means not needing anyone else’s approval or validation. Self-love means being enough for yourself and for everyone else in your life. Self-love means not having to prove your worth to anyone—even yourself. Self-love means accepting and loving yourself for who you are.

Thought Catalog
5 Tips For Allies On How To Actively Listen About Black Lives Matter

Comfort your friend by validating their feelings and experience.

Thought Catalog
I’m Addicted To An Unhealthy Kind Of Love

Codependents use others as their sole source of identity, value, well being, and as a way of trying to restore their emotional losses.

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